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“The Ins and Outs about the KETO DIET”

  • The veto diet was created in the 1920’s as a treatment for seizures
  • This diet is meant to use fat for the primary energy source, not carbohydrates
  • This kept diet is helpful in boosting brain power
  • Keto is based on eating a high amount of healthy fats and a low amount of carbohydrates
  • Ketones are produced from fats during this diet, and are the fuel for the body

Keto Breakdown: 70%-80% FAT, 10-15% Protein, 5-10% Carbohydrates Sample Meal Plan on the Keto Diet 

  1. Breakfast: Bell Pepper stuffed with cheese and eggs
  2. Lunch: Arugula salad with hard boiled eggs, turkey, avocado and blue cheese
  3. Dinner: Grilled Salmon with spinach sautéed in coconut oil