Al Miles

Alfred “Al” Miles

Coach Al MilesCoach Miles was a Juvenile Probation Officer for the City of Philadelphia for over 20 years. Coach Miles also worked at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he counseled young people. Coach Miles became involved in coaching in the Sonny Hill Basketball league in 1976 to the present where he has excelled at all levels in the league. At a very young age Coach Miles found that sports could change the lives of inner city youth as he was an inner city youth himself.

For 10 years, Coach Miles was the Head Women’s Basketball Coach for Lincoln University where he turned out outstanding young women, who went on to become successful professionals. From 1976 to present day, Coach Miles still finds time to give back to the community through volunteerism within the Sonny Hill Involvement Basketball League where Coach Miles is a teacher and a mentor.

Miles Career Highlights:

  • Lincoln University Head Women’s Basketball, 1994-2004
  • Coached four NBA Players – Kobe Bryant, Ronald “Flip” Murray, Jerome “Pooh” Richardson, and Randy Woods
  • Coached WNBA Player Dawn Stanley
  • Coached Hall of Fame Inductee – Linda “Hawkeye” Page
  • Coached Junior College Player of the Year – Nafis Ricks

B2B Sports LLC coach Al Miles gets props from NCAA women's basketball coach Dawn Staely!

B2B SportsLLC’s own Al Miles was Dawn Staely’s coach when she was in the Camile Cosby-Gladys Rodgers league while it was a part of the Sonny Hill Basketball program. His coaching was mentioned in a recent article in the Philadelphia Tribune. Click here to see the entire article.